Find a Group for You

Your life is busy. We don’t want to stress you out. So at Redeemer we try to keep it simple:

Do you have kids? We have excellent programs for kids. More importantly, we value kids as members of our community and strive to support parents. We know it’s hard being a parent – really, really hard – but we are here to help.

Do you have junior high and high school kids? Don’t tell them we called them kids, but we know they were just five years old seconds ago. How has it gone so fast? We have a youth group for your “kids” that is more than fun. It will help them follow Jesus through college and into adulthood.

Sometimes the ladies need to be with the ladies and the men need to be with the men. Our women’s ministry calls up special speakers from across the country and hosts special women-only Bible studies. For the men’s ministry, we go on a retreat once a year and unofficially hang out together a lot. Can you have an official church Texas hold ’em?

Whether single or married, with no kids or a quiver full of them, you will find Redeemer a place to live the kingdom life together.