Our Distinctives

God loves Orange County. With over 3 million spread over 798 square miles of beaches, mountains, and plateaus, and living in 34 very different cities, it takes thousands of faithful churches to love and serve our neighborhoods.

Here are some distinctives that set Redeemer apart:


Our church is flush with families and children, but we are also a multigenerational community. We like to have four generations in the pews. We are small enough that you know the person sitting next to you, and big enough for you to forget a few names. Redeemer draws people from across Orange County, from Fullerton to Santa Ana, from Costa Mesa to Tustin, from Anaheim to Mission Viejo, and from a vast array of professions, from professors to homemakers. It’s the type of church where we are heartbroken when a member moves, and thrilled when they come back to visit.



At Redeemer people know each other and have genuine friendships. The pastors, elders, and leaders know the people of the church; they pray for them, support them, and walk with them in difficult times. They work hard so that the congregation is connected with each other and can thrive. We can’t grow where we hide and we can’t make real progress unless we are walking together with people who really know us.



We follow a thoughtful yet energetic rhythm in our worship, which is called a liturgy. We sing together, we recite together, and we pray together. For our worship music, we often use hymns written in the 17th century but set to music composed last year. The service culminates in the Eucharist, which we celebrate weekly. Generous members of the Redeemer family commissioned artists to create a special table and silver service for the Eucharist, and these pieces of art help remind us of the gravity and beauty of Christ’s sacrifice.

  • Calling – God takes the initiative, moves towards us with grace, and invites us to worship him.
  • Confession – God reminds us that we are forgiven in Christ and loved as his children.
  • Constitution – God builds us up and nourishes us through the scripture.
  • Communion – God draws us forward, as children to the father’s table, to eat a covenant meal with him.
  • Commission – God sends us out into his world empowered to be his ambassadors.

Participating weekly in this alternating pattern of God’s words and our responses not only provides help for today, but shapes our faith over time to highlight the tenacity and graciousness of God’s covenantal love.



Our children are important members of our community. To ensure our young ones follow Jesus as adults, they must have genuine and positive connections with the church and they must have love and support from a community of committed adults and peers. We offer top quality instruction, a thoughtful curriculum from cradle to high school, and activities that show our kids that Redeemer belongs to them as much as it belongs to their parents.


Neighbors and Neighborhoods

We love Orange County and count it a joy to serve the communities where we live. Redeemer is organized into neighborhood groups called parishes. Parishes are designed to help us connect with the Redeemer people we live close to and to empower our local Redeemer communities to contribute to the health of our cities.



We love the Bible and take it seriously. At Redeemer you will grow in your knowledge of the scripture and your ability to understand it on your own. We don’t shy away from the confusing and hard parts of the Bible, but preach, teach, discuss, and wrestle with all of it. God speaks to us through the scripture and brings comfort, challenge, and health to our lives.


Theological Roots

We are not making it up as we go along. We stand on the shoulders of faithful men and women who have gone before us in studying the scripture and living out their faith across times, cultures, and challenges. We are guided by the well worn path of the Westminster Standards, a biblically rich and theologically robust statement of faith that captures the essence of scriptural teaching across a broad range of critical topics. These documents have guided countless biblically faithful churches for hundreds of years.


Connected and Accountable

Officially connected with nearly 2,000 other churches across the country, Redeemer draws from resources that help maintain our vitality. These connections assure the congregation that their pastors and officers are well trained and accountable.


Cultural Engagement

Christians are called not to hide behind the walls of their community but to take their new hearts, minds, and perspectives into the surrounding communities. As Abraham Kuyper contends, the believing community, gathered around word and sacrament, must radiate “beams of faith’s light into the realm of common grace”—into education, art, science, politics, business, economics, and the marketplace. This means that Christians are called to create schools and universities, build businesses, organize neighborhood groups, create charities, make art and music and books, and start political action groups. We are to make culture. As Jeremiah exhorted the newly exiled Jews in Babylon, “Seek the peace (shalom) of the city” (Jer. 29:5-7).