Neighborhood Parish

We love Orange County and count it a joy to serve the communities where we live. Redeemer is organized into neighborhood groups called parishes. Parishes are designed to help us connect with the Redeemer people we live close to and to empower our local Redeemer communities to contribute to the health of our cities. 


Parishes are designed to

  • Connect Redeemer people who live close to each other. 
  • Empower Redeemer to make Jesus known among our neighbors and to heal our neighborhoods
  • Inspire Redeemer to celebrate and create the good and the beautiful in their cities.

Parishes are here for you! Use them as a resource. Your parish will provide you with the following:


Mercy & Service Organizations

  • A well-researched and thoughtful list of Mercy and Service Organizations you can trust serving those within your parish. 
  • All the details and contact information you need about how to connect with and volunteer in those organizations. What should you expect? Can you bring your kids? We have you covered on those questions and many  more. 
  • Our parishes will regularly highlight one mercy ministry or service organization over email and during our worship service to keep you informed of and encouraged by God's work in your community. 


neighborhood community

Summer is the perfect time to host a neighborhood parish summer gathering. READ MORE about attending and hosting a gathering in your neighborhood this summer, or see some additional tools below for building community in your neighborhood.

  • Want to throw a block party? Your parish wants to help you plan it, pay for it, and pull it off. Seriously. We want to help you throw a party for your neighbors with no strings attached. Download this Block Party Kit (PDF file) to help you get started. 
  • Your parish will regularly remind you to deepen your connections with your neighbors and give you creative suggestions on how to do so. Download this document on Building a Beautiful Neighborhood (PDF file) to serve as a guide, or visit The Art of Neighboring website for more information. 
  • Once a year your parish will host a parish wide summer party for members of the parish and your neigbors.


the good and the beautiful

  • Your parish will encourage you to get involved with the arts and civic events in your community. Look for a regular email letting you know what's coming up in your local community. 
  • Once a year your parish will host a "celebrating and creating the good and beautiful" event. These events will range from informative lectures from a civic leader or local historian, to experiencing local music, museums, or natural beauty together. We want to learn to love the place where God put us. 


Our Parishes


Beach Cities

Contact: Clint Knox


Central county

Contact: Adam Feichtmann


north county

Contact: Amber Fox


south county

Contact: Adam Feichtmann


Parish Dinners

Attend and invite your neighbors to a Parish Dinner near you. No special agenda, simply a time to gather around a table with friends and neighbors.