Marriage & Parenting Services

Marriage and parenting are sacred blessings from God. Yet, given how hard marriage and parenting are in our society, we desire to be a church to help prepare and support couples and parents toward healthy, God-honoring marriages and families.


PreMarital Counseling

Our pastors offer pre-marriage counseling for couples covering the topics of the Biblical view of marriage, knowing one another’s world, communication, roles, money, and conflict management. If you are engaged and looking for pre-marriage counseling contact us. This counseling is also required to go through if a Redeemer pastor is performing your wedding ceremony.


marriage & parenting workshops

Twice a year we offer marriage and parenting workshops and seminars to help couples and parents strengthen and invest in their relationships.


marriage & Parenting resources

Marriage and parenting are hard. If you are having a difficult time in your marriage or with your children, our pastors and leaders would love to meet with you, pray for you, and provide spiritual care. We can also connect you to licensed Christian counselors in Orange County for further help. Contact us to set up a meeting.


wedding officiant

Our pastors love weddings. Contact us to learn more about having a pastor perform your ceremony.