Member for 17 Years 


Howard Ahmanson has been a member since 2002. He likes the liturgy and the community, and when the church was much more intellectually oriented in the early days, he liked that too. He has a philanthropic work nearby in Irvine, and has been a resident of the area since 1977 and also in his elementary and junior high years, and considers himself the quintessential Old Timer. 



CHRISTIE BREWER (Diaconal Assistant

Member for 4 Years


Christie and her husband, Chad, moved to Southern California in 2015 with their three daughters to begin the work of RUF campus ministry at UC Irvine. Their family is enjoying the sunshine after previously serving with RUF at the University of Minnesota, Penn State University, and the University of Missouri. When she’s not spending time with family and friends or cooking for college students, Christie is working on a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. She serves Redeemer as a Diaconal Assistant and has a passion for ministering to pastors and wives in the South Coast Presbytery. 



Amanda Knox (Children’s Ministry Director)

Member for 17 years 


Amanda and her husband, Clint, began attending Redeemer in 2001. A science teacher and home educator, she has served Redeemer on the Women’s Ministry and Children’s Ministry teams and joined Redeemer’s staff in 2015 as the Children’s Ministry Director. Amanda and Clint have four middle and high school sons. Having been a part of Redeemer's community since its early years, she and her family have witnessed God's faithfulness and protection over this body of believers, and look expectantly and hopefully toward the future as God calls new leadership to Redeemer to pursue His kingdom purposes among us.





Member for 16 Years


Michael and his wife Kerry have been attending Redeemer since 2003, when they were engaged. They have been married 14 years and have 3 children whom they homeschool and have raised at Redeemer: Malachi (12.5), Scarlett (11), and Josiah (9). Michael has a diverse background including affluent banking relationship management, Marine Corps service, business ownership, and aerospace manufacture, development, and maintenance. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance. He currently manages a maintenance station for a fleet of private jets. He has served several years as a deacon at Redeemer and also serves in our children’s ministry teaching the 4th/5th grade class. He loves to hike, backpack, sail, swim, and ride his bike. He enjoys reading, especially theology and classic fiction. The Maxwell’s feel that Redeemer is a very real part of their family. This is their home and they feel deeply called by God to this place and these people.   




Member for 13 Years


Jill Nelson has been a Redeemer member since 2006 and has taught Sunday school classes for both children and adults. She works part-time for WORLD Magazine as a correspondent, covering everything from churches serving in war-torn Ukraine to bull riders and big wave surfers who find a sense of calling in their unique sports. She also contributes to WORLD’S podcast, the World and Everything in It.  Jill and her husband Jon have been married for 22 years and have two college-age sons and three daughters still at home. 




Member for 14 Years 


Bob retired a few years ago from about thirty-five years in the construction industry.  Prior to that, he and Karen spent 10 years with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Four of those years were spent in Brazil.  He’s been married for 47 years to Karen.  They have three children and nine grandchildren.  They began attending Redeemer when it was meeting at the Westin Hotel.  His ministry and service experience includes serving as an elder, teaching Bible studies, missions, many committees and leading ministry teams.  He currently volunteers as a mentor in the construction technology program at a local High School.





Member for 10 Years 


Jamie grew up outside of Chicago, and though she has lived in California for nearly half her life, she faithfully indoctrinates her two children, Lyle (9) and Gretchen (7), with a deep love for the Cubs and all things midwest. She never expected to fall in love with a bearded philosopher from Texas and move to California, but that’s what happened and she and Tim have been happily married for over 15 years. A high school teacher B.K. (before kids), Jamie now teaches history and language arts to junior highers three days a week. Jamie loves Redeemer and has served it by leading Bible studies, facilitating discussion groups, teaching sermon time for the kids, and singing songs too loudly during the church service.





Member for 4 Years 


Sarah Stratton, a Tennessee native, her husband Chris and three children moved to Orange County in 2015 and quickly joined the Redeemer family.  The Strattons love the community at Redeemer and Sarah currently serves through teaching Sunday School for kids, facilitating adult Bible studies and working with the Welcome Team.  Most of her time is spent doing mom duties, but she also works part time as a nurse in a local emergency room, a job that has given the Redeemer family her cell as an unofficial, though  pretty reliable “zero to freak out” scale concerning all kid rashes, fevers and lacerations.