David Juelfs Resignation

Brothers and Sisters of Redeemer,

For the past two months, the Session has been working with members of our Presbytery to care for our senior pastor David Juelfs through a challenging season in his life. We’re grateful to you for your prayers and support as we have attempted to balance transparency with appropriate pastoral privacy. We know that this has been a difficult and anxious season for you, and we deeply appreciate your patience and forbearance.

This week, David informed us that he is stepping down as senior pastor of Redeemer. His resignation letter is embedded in a link at the end of this email.

David has served Redeemer faithfully for more than 10 years, and we will miss his pastoral leadership greatly. Under his care, Redeemer has flourished and grown in many ways. We’re grateful to David for his diligent work, and our prayer is that his future endeavors would be as equally fruitful as his time at Redeemer.

What’s next for the Juelfs family

David is currently considering his vocational options for this next chapter of his life. To help him navigate this transition period, Redeemer is providing severance payments to support his family during this season. The Session is grateful to Dave Fusco and Jon Nelson for developing a comprehensive plan to provide the Juelfs financial support and health care for the next nine months.

We encourage you to support the Juelfs during this season with prayers and messages of encouragement. You can contact David at david.juelfs@gmail.com and Heather at juelfsfam@gmail.com .

What’s next for Redeemer

This is a challenging season for Redeemer, and we want to support you as best we can.

We had planned to hold a town hall meeting this Sunday (November 11), but we are postponing the meeting until November 25. We know that you may have questions for us, and we want to hear from you, so we invite you to contact us directly using the contact info at the end of this letter.

David’s pastoral call comes directly from the congregation of Redeemer. For his resignation to formally take effect, it must be received by the congregation by formal vote and sent to the Presbytery. We will hold a congregational meeting on November 25, immediately after the worship service, to hold the vote.

David has served us well as a visionary leader in his years as senior pastor, expanding Redeemer’s impact in our community in new ways. It will be difficult to fill his shoes, but in the coming weeks, we will have more information about the pastoral search process.

As we move into this next chapter, there will continue to be new ideas, and new ways of pursuing Gospel ministry in Orange County. We’re excited to see where God will lead us as a church.

Whatever changes may come, what will remain the same is our overarching vision to be a church that worships with humility, nurtures faith with authenticity, proclaims the Gospel boldly, and engages our culture with integrity.

We trust that God will use this challenging season at Redeemer to strengthen us as a church.

Please give us grace and charity as we navigate this transition.

We are your servants in Christ,

The Session of Redeemer Presbyterian Church

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Click here to read David Juelfs’ resignation letter