A church is not simply a Sunday morning experience, but a community of people following Jesus together. Membership is our commitment to live this kingdom life together.

God created the church. The church is the family of God, his household, his people. To be a Christian is to be a member of this people, the church. Baptism is the sign and seal of our connection to this community. In the same way that your connection to your family contributes to your very identity, your adoption into the family of God, his church, means embracing a new identity. Embracing this new identity means that we embrace a new leader (King Jesus), a new lifestyle (the kingdom lifestyle), and a new mission (the mission of the king to renew all his creation). This can’t be done in the abstract or by ourselves. This new identity as a child of God manifests itself in real life, with real people. Real people that we, in our messiness, commit to, submit to, and love in all their messiness. Membership in the local church, where we rub shoulders with real people, is where this happens. The people of God take shape and form in the local church.

According to the New Testament, if we belong to Christ, then we belong to his church. The only requirement for membership at Redeemer is trust in Jesus as savior and a desire to follow him as king.


the process

  1. Contact Adam Feichtmann at
  2. Attend the Redeemer 101 Seminar
  3. Fill out the membership questionnaire
  4. Meet with Elders


sermon on biblical church membership