Why Give?

The apostle Paul asks the rhetorical question: What do you have, that you have not received? The answer is nothing. Everything we have in life we have received as a gift. Tithing or sacrificial giving is a tangible reminder that we're not ultimately to live self-directed lives, but God and other-directed ones. Sacrificial giving is a discipline to make us more generous, joyful, caring and gracious people. The paradox of Christianity is that we are more blessed, satisfied, and fulfilled when we give, rather than when we receive. It was true of our Savior and it’s true of us.

All tithes and sacrificial giving are ways for followers of Jesus to support the ongoing mission and ministry of our church. 

Please note that using our online giving platform is fully secure and also that Credit & Debit Card transactions incur a 2.3% processing fee

How to Give Online

1. Designate the amount and frequency you would like to give. 

2. Create a user account on Subsplash

3. Add your credit card or bank account/e-check (ACH) information


Other Giving Options

Text message

Simply type in the amount you wish to give, 10, 50, 100, 1,000 etc. and if it’s your first time, you will be asked to register. The process is simple, secure and you do not incur a fee. For future giving, save the number to your mobile device.

Text the keyword "give2roc" to the giving text phone number, 206-859-9405.

mail a check

Write checks to:

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of Orange County
PO Box 9708
Newport Beach, CA 92658

Amazon smile

Amazon has started a program called AmazonSmile whereby they will donate one-half percentage of your purchases to the eligible charity of your choice. Redeemer is registered as an eligible charity and you may designate Redeemer to receive .5% donation by clicking HERE. In order for Redeemer to receive credit you must use smile.amazon.com rather than www.amazon.com to make purchases. Please note that you will not receive a tax receipt for donations made via this program, as all donations are made by the AmazonSmile Foundation.

automatic payment

Set up automatic payment through your personal bank. Use the following:

Redeemer Presbyterian Church of Orange County
PO Box 9708
Newport Beach, CA 92658


Sunday worship service

Give cash or check during the Offertory of the Sunday Morning Worship Service.


Stocks & other creative opportunities

Donate stocks and mutual funds, which can often provide you with added tax benefits. Talk to a financial advisor about other creative long-term giving opportunities. Possibilities include making Redeemer the partial beneficiary of your life insurance policy/IRA/401k, including Redeemer in your will, establishing charitable trusts to benefit heirs and Redeemer, etc.