Only 2 Things - Parish Ministry in 2016

As a church, let's all commit to do something together, actually two things. Only two things: Invite and connect.

  1. Let's invite a neighbor into our homes at least once a month.
  2. Let's connect with one organization that is bringing hope and healing to our neighbors.

We will be sending out monthly parish updates throughout the winter and spring to best resource and empower one another to love and serve our neighborhoods. In these updates, your parish chairman will also share your individual neighboring stories. Let’s inspire each other by the stories of God’s work through us in our neighborhoods. Know that your parish leaders are here to champion the cause of your parish and to support you in any way they can.

  • Do you need parish funds to help you host your neighbors or to throw a block party?
  • Not sure what to do? Need help brainstorming and planning new ways to serve your neighbors?
  • Have you come across a need in your neighborhood that you want to address but you are not sure how?

Contact your Parish Chairman to support you as you follow Jesus in loving your neighbors.

Why Parishes? Who is my Parish Chairman? Go to our Parish Neighborhood web page for more information about our Parish Ministry at Redeemer.

Let’s all embrace our 2016 Parish Initiatives:

  1. Invite one neighbor into our homes at least once a month. No agenda, simply connect and show them true hospitality.
  2. Get to know one organization near you that is bringing hope and healing to your neighbors. A list of a few organizations in each parish is available on our Mercy & Service Organizations web page.

To love our neighbors as ourselves!