Daily Prayer Emails

The season of Lent begins Wednesday, March 1. Lent is a season of preparation as we look ahead with anticipation to Jesus’ death and resurrection on Good Friday and Easter. During this season the Church throughout history has emphasized the daily practice of praying and reading Scripture. As you enter into this season, we would encourage you to do the same and to try create a daily habit of such a practice. To help assist you and your family, we are excited to let you know that we have designed and created daily Morning and Evening Prayer emails. These emails include the Bible reading plan that is currently printed in the back our Order of Worship broken up into morning and evening readings, while also including several prayers and the liturgical drama taken from our previous Sunday morning worship services. There is also a section with suggestions for family devotions.

Setting aside time in your mornings and evenings where you can pause, rest, change gears, be reminded that God loves you, and meditate on God’s Word and pray it back to him may be hard at first (as with any practice), but overtime is extremely formative and life giving.

The language in the prayers are corporate, letting you know that you are not praying or even reading the scripture passages alone, but are doing so together with your church community. They also are created to encourage you to let your Sunday worship flow over into your daily practices. The beauty in how the emails are formatted is that it can be made more simple or complex as time allows.

For Lent (March 1 – April 15), try starting a new habit to help prepare you for the joy of Easter. If you are interested in receiving these Morning and Evening Prayer emails

If you already have a regular daily habit of praying and reading scripture, that is wonderful and there is no pressure to change your practices. We are simply suggesting another tool for people to use.

Contact Kem Erskine, kem@redeemeroc.org, for assistance in signing up for the daily prayer email list.