Discovering the 12-Days of Christmas

Sunday, December 17, Middle Hour (10:10-10:50 am) Christmas isn’t just one day! It’s actually a 12-day celebration beginning at sunset on Christmas Eve! How could it not be a multi-day, extravagant and joyous feast when the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, Creator and Redeemer has come to make the world and us new and is coming again? "The 12-Days of Christmas" is more than a list of nonsensical, silly and impractical gifts: it’s a tool to teach children (and adults!) the basics of historic Christianity. All are invited to gather in the chapel to hear from Pastor Adam Feichtmannn about the history of “The 12 Days of Christmas” and how we can continue the celebration of Jesus’ coming after the 25th. Our children are invited to join us for the beginning then will be dismissed for an age-appropriate activity. Nursery childcare will also be available.