Ethiopia ACT: Rainy Season Bible School

Ethiopia-ACT-Bible-School-1-670x415 Here is an update from one of our global partners, Jason Polk with Ethiopia ACT.

ethiopia-act-bible-school-2Our Suki Community Center was packed as we held our Rainy Season Vacation Bible School for the second year in a row. We had an amazing group of staff and volunteers from local churches who worked hard to make it all come together. By the end of the week almost 120 kids had attended from the Suki community–which represents a lot of cookies andethiopia-act-bible-school-3 coloring pages. But far more important than the number of kids in attendance was the impact God’s Word had on their lives. As one example we overheard several older kids in the grade school class reflect on their lesson from Romans about the reality of our sin and the gift of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, saying they had never had these things explained before. It was a tiring week, but everyone finished deeply encouraged by God’s work in transforming young lives through the gospel.