Letter from the Gothi's

Dear Redeemer friends, We have just completed an awesome time in MA, leading TSM [The Significant Marriage], watching God literally work miracles in the lives of a few of the couples. It looks like the largest church in the area will be making TSM their marriage ministry and will become the hub for other churches to get involved. Being here has been especially important to us since we lived in MA the first 5 years of our marriage and began our marriage ministry here as a small group meeting in our home with some of the couples who attended this TSM!

We leave tomorrow [Wednesday, Jan. 15th] for London for SKI [Sunshine Kids International] and TSM meetings and to spend time with Dave's niece.

On Sunday we will fly to Frankfurt, Germany where we will lead TSM for the expat community the following weekend, spending a lot of time with the 15 couples who had attended our TSM there last May.

On Jan 26 we head to India where we will attend the Happy Feet Show on the 3rd and work at St Catherine's.  Then we lead TSM for the Catholic community Feb 8-10. We would appreciate your prayers for us for both weekends and for traveling mercies. And especially then for our time after with Dave's Hindu family.  We depend upon your prayer covering.

We miss SoCal and our Redeemer family more than we can express. We won't be back home till April when we return to prepare for the SKI silent auction April 13.  We trust God will continue to bless and keep you all until we return.  We love you all!!

Dave and Mary