Dan Niles Film Screening

Friday, May 30, Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, Showtime at 7:30pm Dan Niles will be screening his new film at the Rock Harbor Film Festival on May 30th. Here are some words from Dan about the film:

When I heard of a film festival in Orange County, it was the excuse and the push from God to go and create. What came from the experience was the film, "The Account."

We each have a story to tell, and each story has great importance. But the importance of my story or your story isn't found in the circumstances we've come from. The importance is found in the glory of God that has been hidden within our hearts because we have gone through circumstances and have come to know our God in a unique and individual way.

The thought that motivated me was: the Artist of creation, found the picture of His glory would not be as complete without a specific color. So He created you, so that He could display that specific color of His redemption, grace, and love. The importance of a film like this was not to retell a story similar to what we've all heard before, but instead to display the reality of God's glory alive within a heart. If God truly has created each of us to be a specific color in the picture of His glory, then this film was my attempt to reveal as much of His picture as possible.

I would like to invite you to come support me in a pursuit to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

Rock Harbor Church 345 Fischer Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626