Pastoral Assistant for Youth Ministry Hired

Our youth ministry at Redeemer continues to build momentum. A growing number of our sons and daughters are becoming teenagers and inviting their friends to our weekly youth gatherings. The teenage years are critical ones and Redeemer desires to walk alongside our families in order help students continue to follow Christ in this pivotal life stage. In this exciting time for Redeemer, the Session has decided to hire Josh Cooper as our part-time Pastoral Assistant for Youth Ministry. Josh has already been a dedicated volunteer leader of our youth for over two years, while also completing some seminary classes. He is well loved by our students, respected by our parents, and a great ministry support to Pastor David and me. We are looking forward to Josh being able to invest more deeply each week to provide intentional pastoral care for our students, while also dedicating more time in our Sunday morning youth workshop, Thursday evening youth community group, and all of our special youth gatherings and trips.

Be encouraged in what is happening with our youth ministry. Our student numbers are growing, we now have a dedicated youth ministry staff member with the addition of Josh, and the number of our adult volunteers is also increasing. As this vibrant ministry continues to develop, I will continue regularly training this new team of leaders, overseeing Josh’s service, and administratively guiding the ministry as a whole.

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