Praying for Dave & Mary Gothi

Members of our Redeemer family, Dave and Mary Gothi, will be traveling extensively over the next few months for their marriage ministry, The Significant Marriage (TSM), and their ministry with St. Catherine's orphanage in India, Sunshine Kids International (SKI). Please pray for them in the following ways:

  • Pray for safe travel.
  • Pray for time with family, especially for time with Mary's 95-year-old aunt and with their grandson, Jaden, who has diabetes.
  • Pray God would bless each marriage ministry weekend.
  • Pray for their Sunshine Kids International mission trip.

Gothi's Travel Schedule:

  • December:  Indiana with family
  • January:  Germany leading TSM with expats;  London for TSM and SKI development meetings; Travel to India
  • February:  India leading TSM in Mumbai, SKI Happy Feet show, and mission trip
  • March:  Indiana with family; Chicago leading A New Beginning (a retreat through Family Dynamics  for troubled marriages)
  • April:  Return home to CA for the SKI silent auction