Worst Refugee Crisis Since WWII

We've all seen the heartbreaking pictures of individuals, families, and entire communities uprooted and displaced. The world is facing the worst refugee crisis since WWII and many of us are asking what can we do. How can we help when this tragic reality seems distant and removed from our lives? Below are several links for every believer to take a moment, read, and understand more about this Refugee Crisis. Begin your journey to advocate on behalf of those far off and support the refugees currently in our midst in Orange County.

"Now, NOW, is the time for the Church to be the Church. We cannot, cannot, afford to miss this opportunity — and miss Him. In the past, the Church may have been defined by what the Church is against, but, in this defining moment in history, may the Church be clearly defined by what it is for. And the Church has always been for the stranger,the sojourner, and for being like the welcoming arms of the Savior." ~ Ann Voskamp