RUF at UCI in Fall 2015

RUF starts at UCI next fall! We are excited to announce that Rev. Chad Brewer will be moving to Orange County in July to start the first RUF at UCI. RUF is the college ministry of our denomination. Over the last year and a half Redeemer and the RUF committee of our presbytery (South Coast) have been searching for and interviewing candidates. Rev. Brewer is one of the most experienced RUF ministers in the country having served on three campus, two of which were startups like UCI, and all are thriving to this day.

One of the strengths of RUF is that it is closely connected to the local church, and not just one church, but a collection of churches in our region called a presbytery. While Redeemer will be Chad and his family’s home church, Chad will officially be an employee of the presbytery since RUF is a ministry of the presbytery. Three of Redeemer’s elders currently serve on the South Coast Presbytery’s RUF committee: David Juelfs, Drew Duncan, and Carl Messenger.

The Brewer family plans to move to Orange County in July. Please read the letter from Chad and join us in welcoming the Brewer’s. What a privilege it is for us to partner with Chad in this new chapter for Redeemer, RUF, and UCI.

Please read more about RUF and the efforts of Redeemer to love and serve UCI.