RUF at UCI March Update

UCI bball Please Pray for RUF at UC Irvine Today

Today [March 10, 2016] at 12:30 PM Pacific Time, three students are appearing before the UCI Student Organization Council to make a formal request for RUF to become a recognized student organization. This would allow us to meet on campus, advertise on campus, and attend the activity fairs to recruit and meet students.

(Above is a picture of a UCI Basketball game from two weeks ago. I bought 20 tickets and took professors, students, and my family to the game.)

UCSD BrewerIn February, I was given the opportunity to speak to UC San Diego students through the ministry of Redeemer San Diego and Jonathan Kerhoulas' excellent ministry.

Last Friday, our Intramural Basketball team had our end-of-the-season dinner. Four of the guys played on our Flag Football team last quarter and five of the guys on the Basketball team were new. At dinner each person shared their spiritual background, any church/temple/mosque involvement and what spirituality has looked like at UCI. Only one of the students would consider himself a Christian. One student is nominal Jewish, one is nominal Muslim, one is nominal Buddhist, and one has only ever been to a church once in his life. Two students said they are agnostic. I am planning to invite these students to attend a 3 week spirituality discussion that will take place once a week over dinner during the Spring Quarter beginning late March. I am uncertain if any of the students will take me up on this, but I'm praying for opportunities to continue the conversation we began over dinner.

Save The Date!

Saturday, April 16th 7:00 - 8:30 PM at UC Irvine RUF UC Irvine Fundraiser We would love for you to come and support us and the ministry of RUF going forward at UC Irvine and in the South Coast Presbytery.