RUF at UCI Update

Highlights for the first 3 Months for RUF at UCI

The first 3 months of school are over, which means an end to the fall quarter at UCI. Here are some highlights.

Flag Football: Last night, 11 students came to our house for our end-of-the year party for our intramural flag football team (pic above). We had a lot of fun. I believe only one of these students is a Christian. I am praying that God will begin to open the door in January for gospel conversations with these students.

Racquetball: In November, I entered the UCI racquetball tournament. Through this connection, I have been able to begin to play some of these students at the university recreation center. My strongest connection is to a student from Iran, who has introduced me to some of his Iranian friends.

Bible Study: Before Thanksgiving I asked you to pray for the first ever RUF Bible study. We ended up with 3 students meeting at Chick-fil-A for dinner and Bible study. It went well! We are planning to pick up in January with a weekly Bible study. I have asked the students to commit to meeting for 4 weeks. There may be a few other students interested in joining us for the January study. 

End of the Year Giving: Because this is a new ministry and because Southern California is an expensive place to live we still have a significant amount of money to raise. We are not fully supported yet. If you would like to give to the Brewers/RUF at UCI - you can do so online at

Thank you for your prayers, giving, and love!