Sermon Preview: Abundance

John 2:1-11 Who doesn't enjoy attending weddings? Weddings are rightfully some of the most joyous celebrations that we get to witness. To watch a father walk his daughter down the aisle, to listen to the marriage vows, to enjoy good food and wine, and to dance the night away... weddings are worth traveling across land and sea to attend.

Our culture's weddings & celebrations typically last a handful of hours, but in the the first century it was typical for the celebration to last a week or more! Those were true parties. In the context of a joyous wedding celebration in the town of Cana, Jesus decides to perform his first miracle. To begin his public ministry of announcing the Kingdom of God by turning water into wine.

Weddings are amazing and unforgettable, but they are never ends in themselves. They always point to something more. Similarly, Jesus doesn't perform miracles for them to be ends in themselves. Wine in itself is great, but it is so much more. As his first public miracle, it acts as a sign that points to another reality.

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday to unpack the good news and significance of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.

Pastor David