Sermon Preview: Exponentially More

When you meet someone for the first time what kinds of questions do you ask them? This Sunday we will take a second look at the opening paragraphs of John’s Gospel. He is introducing us to Jesus. The apostle John want to show us the beauty of Jesus, so that we would believe and entrust our lives to him.

Last week I asked you to find someone you trust and who knows you well, and to ask them to help you honestly answer these questions: Where am I placing my trust? What am I functionally trusting in to get the kind of life I want? Asking these question will help us engage with the gospel of John. Page by page John wants to show us the beauty of Jesus, his worthiness to be trusted, so that we actually want to entrust our lives to him instead of the many other options around us.

Take a few minutes and ask those questions. Then read and pray through the opening words of John’s Gospel. Jesus offers us exponentially more than we can imagine. Look for his beauty in John 1:1-18 and entrust yourself to him.

I look forward to worshiping together.

Pastor David