Sermon Preview: God's Glory in Creation & the Law

This Sunday I am looking forward to worshiping with you and our children as we study Psalm 19 and learn about the glory of God in creation and the Law. Psalm 19 is a wonderful psalm that helps us understand both the duty and the delight of knowing God. Prior to coming to worship on Sunday, spend a few minutes reading the 14 verses of Psalm 19 and ask the following questions:

  • When following the teachings and commands of the Bible, how often do you consider those a duty or a delight?
  • Husbands, when giving your wife flowers on your anniversary, how often do you consider that a duty or a delight?
  • What role is the Law of God supposed to play in your life and your relationship to God?
  • Lastly, when you go to the beach or the mountains what is the voice of creation pointing you toward?

See you on Sunday!

Pastor Adam