Sermon Preview: In the Name of the Trinity

Don’t worry. I am leaving, but I am not leaving you alone. Jesus tells his disciples that he is leaving. He will no longer be with them, but they are to continue his work. As we have been exploring these last weeks, John 13-17 records some of Jesus’ last words to his first followers. We can imagine the look on their faces by listening to Jesus' response to their emotion. Jesus says to them, "Let not your hearts be troubled” and “I will not leave you as orphans” (John 14:1, 18). I imagined shocked, even tearful, silence from the disciples as they realized the gravity of what was happening.

They were going to be left alone.

What if you never had to feel alone again? What if you never had to feel abandoned, overwhelmed, rejected? What if you could live with confidence that you had at your finger tips all you needed for a life of joy and deep connection?

Jesus explains to his first followers and to us, that he will not leave us as orphans. Do we believe it? How would our lives be different if we did?

Take a few minutes and prepare for worship. Read John 13 and 14. Pray, meditate on this passage, and talk about it with friends and family.

Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to worship together.

Pastor David