Sermon Preview - Portraits from the Prophets: Joel

This Sunday we will be hearing from the prophet Joel. In this short book we are informed of a terrible locust plague that has hit Israel. And by locust plague, Joel is describing a literal storm of locust, 80 million thick. Imagine dark clouds of flying insects that make the day seem like night. As an agrarian society, Israel is not just facing a bad weekend, they are experiencing an event that will ruin their economy for years.  In the midst of their tragedy, the prophet Joel stands up, grabs everyone’s attention, and begins to give clarity and hope to a people lost in a sea misery and pain.

Join me for worship this Sunday as we listen not only to Joel’s message to the people of Israel, but God’s words to us, as we, like Israel, experience similar tragedies in our modern society. To prepare for our study, consider reading the book of Joel this weekend. At only three chapters it will take about 10 minutes to read.

I look for to worshiping with you!

Adam Feichtmann