Sermon Preview: Searched Me and Known Me

We all desire and long to be known by others, and to know others in return. To be known and to know come in different forms for different people. For some that is a two hour, pour out your heart, transparent conversation; for others that is receiving a desired gift or favorite brand of mint chocolate chip ice cream from a thoughtful spouse or friend.

This Sunday we will look at Psalm 139 and notice how God delights in searching for and knowing us as his people in deep ways, often beyond our imagination.  Join me in preparing for this study by reading through Psalm 139 a few times, pausing to be in wonder at the depth of God’s knowledge of us, and then joining King David as he concludes this psalm with the prayer of verses 23-24. A prayer that invites God to continue his searching and knowing of us that results in asking him to lead us to live the life that we were created to live.

I look forward to worshipping with you this Sunday.

Pastor Adam