Sermon Preview: The One Necessary Thing

What did I forget? I don’t know what it is, but I know I forgot something. Do you know the feeling? I fly to Atlanta for a conference on Monday and I know when I get on the plane my mind will be searching for that one necessary item I left out of my bag.

Over the last three weeks we have been talking about how we can be neighbors to those Jesus has placed around us. It is going to take our time. It is going to be messy. But it will also be powerful. It may seem ordinary to get to know and love our actual neighbors, but there is a lot at stake, for them and for us, a beautiful life and a beautiful neighborhood.

Luke knows how much is at stake. He follows the telling of the Good Samaritan story with another story to remind us not to forget the one necessary thing. Before we get busy in the good and hard work of neighboring he wants to make sure we have not forgotten what must be at the center.

Anxiety or peace? Fear or confidence? Distraction or focus? Don’t forget this one necessary thing and you will have all you need.

I look forward to worshiping together.

Pastor David