Sermon Preview: The Son Talks to His Father

Why does Jesus pray? Have you ever thought about that? He’s the son of God, a member of the Trinity. He is intimately and constantly connected to God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Why would Jesus need to pray? This Sunday we start a sermon mini-series that will run through the end of August. We will spend several weeks focused on John 17 where we find the longest written record of one of the prayers of Jesus. John 17 not only gives us a window into the prayer life of Jesus and thus his desires, priorities, and character, but it also teaches us what prayer is and could be for each of us.

Prayer is central to the Christian life. We are actually called to live a life of prayer. However, there is much confusion about, even guilt over, our prayer lives, or lack thereof. Whether you have been praying confidently for years, or you are struggling to learn how to pray, our study of John 17 will be refreshing and life-giving.

I am looking forward to deepening the joy and power of our prayer lives. I can’t wait to worship together this Sunday.

Pastor David