Sermon Preview: Where Else Would We Go?

John 6:35-69

Where does confidence come from? In the face of rejection, in the face of being misunderstood, questioned, and doubted how can we maintain true confidence?

Last week in John 6 we focused on the first portion of Jesus’ dialogue with the crowds in Capernaum. It’s true, what Jesus offers them and us is bigger and better than we could imagine. Yet the crowd does not trust Jesus. They don’t believe him. They don’t like the way God is doing things and they grumble, they complain. Have you ever felt that way?

Take a moment to reflect on the current circumstances of your life. Where are you complaining, or at least tempted to complain, about how God is doing things? Be honest. He already knows. Jesus wants to lovingly move us from complaining to confidence.

Confidence is possible, even in the areas where we struggle the most with complaining. Jesus invites us to feast on the bread of life and live with confidence. Where else would we go?

I can’t wait to worship together.

Pastor David