Upcoming Sermon Series: Glimpses of the Kingdom

Beginning Sunday, April 27 If you could get a glimpse of the future what would you want to see? If you did how might that change what you do today?

This Sunday we move into John chapter seven. Over the last weeks we walked through the first six chapters of John in a series called “Beauty and Belief”. We have seen that the apostle John wants to show us the beauty of Jesus and encourage us to believe, to entrust our lives to Jesus.

Starting this Sunday we begin a new series that will cover John 7 to 11, “Glimpses of the Kingdom.” We will focus on the glimpses Jesus gives us, though his teaching and actions, of what the Kingdom will be like when he returns. However, this series is not just about the future. We will also see how those aspects of the kingdom are breaking in to our reality even now. Each week we will ask what the kingdom will be like when Jesus returns, but also how we can see that kingdom reality now and how we can show that aspect of the kingdom in our neighborhoods. Below is an outline of the series:

  • The End of Thirst - John 7 - April 27th
  • The End of Darkness - John 8 & 9 - May 4th
  • The End of Oppression - John 10 - May 11
  • The End of Death - John 11 - May 25th

Our vision of the future shapes our lives now. May we know what is coming, see what is already here today, and show forth that beautiful reality to those around us.

I can’t wait to worship together this Sunday and glimpse the future.

Pastor David