Winter 2015 Community Groups

Starting January 11th our Community Groups will engage with Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life: Grace Changes Everything. This is an eight week study on the gospel and how it is lived out in all of life - first in our hearts, then in our communities, and then out into the world. Week 1 opens the course with the theme of the city: our home now, the world that is. Week 8 closes the course with the theme of the eternal city: our heavenly home, the world that is to come. In between we will look at how the gospel changes our hearts (weeks 2 and 3), changes our community (weeks 4 and 5), and changes how we live in the world (weeks 6 and 7).

Session Titles

1. City: The World That Is 2. Heart: Three Ways to Live 3. Idolatry: The Sin Beneath The Sin 4. Community: The Context for Change 5. Witness: An Alternate City 6. Work: Cultivating the Garden 7. Justice: A People For Others 8. Eternity: The World That Is To Come

Purchase your copy of the study guide at the book table this Sunday.

What is a Community Group?

A community group is a small gathering of people who meet weekly to discuss scripture and pray together. If you are new to studying scripture, a community group is the perfect place to learn without pressure.

Winter Community Groups begin the week of January 11th

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