Women's Acts Study

Every other Tuesday, 7:00-9:00 pm Redeemer women are invited to join us for a study on the book of Acts using John Stott’s Acts: Seeing the Spirit at Work.

“The Spirit moved in dramatic ways in the early church. The gospel was preached, thousands were added to their number, many were healed, and the good news about Jesus was spread across continents. Covering the exciting action of the Spirit in the years just following Jesus’s life on earth, this study will open your eyes to the Spirit’s power in the past and present and help you apply the riches of Scripture to your own life.”

Join us every other Tuesday at Panera Bread @ The Bluffs, 1348 Bison Ave, Newport Beach. Books are available for purchase at the Redeemer book table on Sundays. See the study schedule below or contact Stephanie Handley, srhandley@gmail.com, with questions.

Study Schedule


08: Waiting for the Spirit 22: Receiving the Spirit


06: The Outbreak of Persecution 20Satanic Counterattack


03: Stephen the Martyr 17Philip the Evangelist


01: The Conversion of Saul


05: Conversion of Cornelius 19Growing Pains


02: Spreading the Word 16Resolving Conflict


01: Following the Spirit 15City of Idols


12: Good News Strategy 26Saying Goodbye


10: Politics & Religion 24The Gospel on Trial


07: Following God's Lead