Women's Retreat 2013

Join us as we look beneath our besetting sins to the deeper desires that drive them & discover our rescue within the gospel we thought we knew.

John Calvin once referred to the hearts of believers and unbelievers alike as “idol making factories.” We experience a consistent and at times overwhelming gravity pull to find life in an ever- changing array of false gods.

Approval, “Happy Marriage/Children”, career and financial success are just a few of the idols that drive us to anxiety, control, anger, and a host of other sins that erode our connection with God and one another. Like Paul, We don’t do what we truly desire, and we do what we despise.

We don’t need a “little help” to break this crazy cycle; we need an all out transforming rescue from the God who not only saves, but satisfies.

About the Speaker

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Julie Sparkman has been a counselor with Daymark since 1999 and has worked as a counselor in various capacities for over thirty years. She counsels individuals and couples with a variety of problems, including those who are facing issues including depression, verbal and physical abuse, infidelity, parenting through adulthood, postpartum adjustment, and finding and maintaining your identity through the various seasons of life.She is also on staff at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church as Pastoral Care Team Coordinator.

Julie and her husband, Wes, have been married for over 25 years and have three children.

Schedule of Events


Sunset Terrace Room

4:00-6:00 Check-In 6:00 Dinner 7:00 Session I 8:30 Welcome Games 9:00 Quiet Hours Begin In Hotel


Sunset Terrace Room

7:00-9:00 Breakfast 9:15 Session II 11:45 Personal Reflection 12:15 Lunch & Free-Time 3:45 Session III 6:30 Dinner 9:00 Quiet Hours Begin In Hotel


Sunset Terrace Room

7:00-8:00 Breakfast 8:00 Session IV 8:30 Prayer & Closing 8:45 Departure For Worship At Redeemer *Sunset Terrace Room Above the Lobby

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