Women's Fall Study

Mondays and Thursdays, Beginning week of 9/15 Join the women of Redeemer for a 12 week study of Peacemaking Women, co-authored by our fall retreat speaker, Tara Barthel.  With personal stories and advice that is firmly rooted in Scripture, Peacemaking Women offers a meaningful, lasting message to lead you into a state of peace with God, peaceful relationships with others, and genuine peace within. We will offer 2 weekly studies. Please see details below.

Newport Beach Dinner & Study

  • Mondays, beginning 9/15, 7:00 pm,
  • Hosted by Anna Tester
  • Contact:  Stephanie Handley, srhandley@gmail.com.

Costa Mesa Study

  • Thursdays, starts 9/18, 7:30 pm
  • Hosted by Amanda Knox
  • Contact:  Amanda Knox, aaknox@pacbell.net

"Peacemaking Women is not just for women and is not just about peacemaking. This powerfully honest book is about the peace the Gospel brings every heart that applies the truths of the Gospel to past wounds and present brokenness. And this book is about how personally embracing this Gospel of peace makes each of us a loving instrument of God's grace to others." – Bryan Chapell, Covenant Seminary, St. Louis, MO

Books are available for purchase at the Redeemer book table.