Worship: Forming and Expressing What We Love

Sundays, November 10 - December 15, 9:00-9:45 am Instructors: Elder Rob Mouw, Chris Giammona, and Pastor David Juelfs Location: MPR Area, Room 9

Regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, we are all worshipers. We all long to proclaim the beauty, worthiness and significance of something outside of us, and we love to do it. Whether sports teams, romance, the beauty of the natural world, our own children, a god of our own creation, or the true God, we all worship. The scripture not only shows us whom to worship, but also how to worship.

Class participants will study the biblical concept and everyday significance that every person is a worshiper actively worshiping something. We will also study the scriptures that provide the shape and content of Christian worship.  Participants will leave with a greater ability to engage, appreciate, and understand the worship at Redeemer.