Call for Children's Ministry Volunteers

Dear families, we are so excited to be starting a new year with each of you! As we look to finish up our 2019 children's ministry schedule, we have many available opportunities remaining for new volunteers and jr. high and high school students to assist in our sermon time classes. Your presence as an assistant not only helps ensure the safety of our children and teachers, but it also speaks loud messages of worth, love, significance, and grace into the lives of our children. The assistant commitment is simply to be present for one, two or three months of the year to assist the lead teacher in either the preschool/kindergarten, 1st-3rd grade, or 4th-5th grade class. There is absolutely no prep work required for our assistants and you are only asked to be out of the service during the 25 minute sermon time. You will receive a reminder email prior to your weeks of assisting, followed by an email each week with the link to the sermon so that you may listen at home. Thank you for considering this! Your participation is priceless and we are praying for each of you. Please contact Amanda Knox to sign up or inquire,