Palm Sunday Service Temple Bat Yahm - Morgan Chapel Sunday, April 14, 10:00am 

On this day we celebrate the King who rode a donkey, yet acknowledge the pain to come. The service is created to help us enter into Holy Week and prepare for the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Maundy Thursday Service  Temple Bat Yahm - Morgan Chapel Thursday, April 18, 8:00PM 

This is a beautiful and solemn service that will focus your mind and grip your heart. After singing, silence, and a short meditation on a passage of scripture, we take the Lord’s Supper, prayerfully and seated at tables. For many this is one of the most powerful and rich communion experiences. At the conclusion of the service the communion tables are ceremonially stripped and we leave in silence and darkness. Symbolically this darkness and silence is broken with the shout of “He is risen!” at the opening of our Easter worship the following Sunday.

Easter Sunday Service & Celebration Temple Bat Yahm - The Sanctuary Sunday, April 21, 10:00AM 

Our Easter service is a rich celebration of joy, where the despair of death feels before the bursting forth of new life. It is the climax of the Church Calendar and great opportunity to invite friends, family, and neighbors to worship and celebrate with us! After the service all are invited to enjoy some light refreshments in the chapel hall and there will be an Easter egg hunt, bounce houses, and activities for the children on the lawn. 

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the Easter celebration contact Danielle Smith, danielles@redeemeroc.org.