Thanksgiving Update from Tokyo

Below is an update from our global partner, Seima Aoyagi, and his family. Seima is a church planter in Tokyo with Presbyterian Mission International. Read more about his work, how you can support the Aoyagi family, and how to be praying for them on the Aoyagi Family Website.

Message from the Aoyagis

Happy Thanksgiving !

I hope you all are having a happy thanksgiving holiday.

Here are what I am thankful about.  Please join me to give thanks to the Lord.

1) Towa is finally back home, after six months in the rehab hospital.  Since his right hand still cannot use a pen, and right leg still has not gained enough strength, he will continue his rehab by commuting twice a week from our house.  He is back to his school now and enjoys being with his friends. While there are a lot of challenges in the process of getting back to the normal life, we all thankful that he is with us.  Thank you for praying for Towa, and please pray that God brings more recovery, especially on his right hand and right leg.

2)  CPI (Church Planting Institute), which I serve on the leadership team, had last annual conference with 423 adults and 125 kids total all together.  It is its two major focus -- church planting CPI Japanand gospel-centeredness -- that drew and united people from all over the Japan.  I taught two sessions on "gospel track" and also translated for Andrew Vandar Maas from Christ Church PCA, who did a great job teaching Christ-centered preaching session.  Even though we had only 0.22% evangelical Christians in Japan, it is such an encouragement to see so many labors in Christ get together with unity and passion to serve God's kingdom in Japan.