RUF @ UCI: First Week of Classes

UCI Classes begin today, Thursday, September 22nd. Freshmen moved in over last weekend and upperclassmen moved in this week. Monday was the big Anteater Activity Fair for freshmen, transfers, and any returning students who were around. We handed out 250 RUF upcoming event cards to students. We had over 70 students give us their contact information. 30 students signed up for daily RUF devotions. RUF student leaders played Giant Connect 4 for four straight hours without a single break. Giant Connect 4 is a way for our students to engage other students in conversation and to ask these students some general spiritual questions. We have been on campus with the RUF table everyday this week meeting students. Thursday night we will host a “meet and greet” with free food at the Chick-Fil-A patio beside campus. Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement!