Sermon Preview: God's Enduring Love

It is fun to remember the good times, and even more fun to share those stories with each other around a campfire or table. As we remember and tell those stories we help refresh memories for each other and generate hearts of gratitude. This Sunday we will be looking at Psalm 136, a psalm of praise where the Israelites paused to remember all the good things that God had done for them as acts of his steadfast love. And as a result of their remembering, they responded in gratitude by giving thanks to God.

In preparation for our study, spend 5-10 minutes as an individual or family around a table remembering and sharing some of your best memories with each other. And like Psalm 136, let those memories and stories lead you to give thanks to God.

I look forward to remembering the great story of God and responding by giving thanks through song beside you all this Sunday as we worship together.

Pastor Adam