Sermon Preview: The Beautiful Life

A beautiful life and a beautiful neighborhood, we all want both. Not just manicured beauty seen from the curb or in the mirror, but a substantial health that goes deep. A poetic resilience that allows us to meet hardship and disappointment with strength and endurance. A hopeful courageous honesty that allows us to face our failures and weaknesses, and with a smile ask for the help we need. A lasting satisfaction with what we have today. Confidence that what we do matters, really matters. A beautiful life. A beautiful neighborhood. In the Gospel of Luke chapter 10, Jesus teaches us how to live this life. Challenged by a religious teacher, Jesus summarizes the bible into two short statements, and then he tells one of histories’ most beloved stories. Starting this Sunday we begin a new sermon series, A Beautiful Life; A Beautiful Neighborhood, focused on Jesus’ Greatest Commandment and his story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10. This weekend read and pray through Luke 10, especially Luke 10:25-37.

I am looking forward to breakfast and worship together this Sunday. Have a great weekend.

Pastor David